ALQU solution for Technical services

The system warns, automatically, maintenance operations to be performed, in terms of past days or hours running.

ALQU ST integrates, automatically, work sheets into stoppages planned of manufacturing program.

It associates each work sheet to the spare parts needed and makes automatically the request for these to warehouse.

It fills the order automatically if the responsible is an external supplier.

It makes the preventive, predictive and corrective Maintenance Budget, touch of a button, for this year and the following four, differentiating between personal and spare parts.


Some informacions about ALQU-ST (Technical services)

Maintenance program and work sheets
• Machines per line.
• Maintenance by machine, with personnel and spare parts needed. Valuation.
• Automatic maintenance program, depending of past days or hours running. Global, preventive, predictive and corrective. By line, machine.
• Automatic inclusion of the work sheets in the stoppages planned of the manufacturing program.
• Predicted and effective cost.
• Work sheets. Pendings and historics: globals, by line, by machine.
• Automatic request for spare parts to the warehouse for each work sheet.
• Automatic request work to an outside provider.
• Allocation to a cost centre.

Maintenance orders to outside providers
• Automatic Maintenance orders to external providers, when the performance of the program is passed to work sheets.
• Details provider personnel, own personnel, spare parts supplier and own spare parts.
• Payment terms are different for personnel and spare parts.
• Discounts are different for personnel and spare parts.
• Automatic inclusion of invoices and payments in the Accounting diary.

Spare parts management

• Many stores as we want.
• Stocks of spare parts: all, by machine, by group, by supplier.
• Specifications, with automatic connection to the providers website.
• Inventories.

2-Requests for Technical Services, deliveries and returns
• Automatic requests for spare parts to the warehouse.
• Requests and deliveries without papers.

3-Spare parts purchases
• Prices of spare parts, by supplier, by machine, by spare part
• Automatic purchase proposal based on the stock.
• Effective terms of delivery by supplier.
• Real bands used in the prices range.
• Automatic pending purchases.
• Detailed breakdown of orders.
• General archive of Suppliers by spare parts.
• Automatic search of Suppliers by spare parts.

4-Deliveries and returns to suppliers
• Spare parts deliveries and returns to suppliers.

Maintenance Budget
• Automatic maintenance budget: global, preventive, predictive and corrective. Differentiating between personal and spare parts. For this year and the four following years.
• Annual statistics, global and by type of maintenance. Forecast and effectives. Of personnel and spare parts.

Maintenance cost per product
• Impact of personnel and spare parts cost maintenance for each product.

Control of unemployment in the facilities
• Statistics of incidences by line and by product.
• Statistics of predicted unemployment and format changes by line and product.
• Control of unemployment of lines.


It offers automatically the impact of the service personnel and spare parts cost in each product.

We can control the unemployment in the facilities at the wished level and at the wished mode (automatic or manual control). After the system offers statistics by line and by product.

It allows an efficient management of spare parts: stocks, deliveries and returns to the Technical Service, and purchases of spare parts, to the same information level that for raw materials and packaging materials.

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