ALQU solution for Materials Management (Supply chain)

ALQU GM is a great aid for all the operations employing materials.

The process begins with the automatic preparation of the manufacturing program: products per line, per day and per hour, and the amount of necessary people. Including all stoppages planned (cleaning, production changes, etc..) and offers three solutions to us: the fastest one, the one having smaller labour costs and the one employing less people.

We can modify any parameter of the program: production line, product, date, time, quantity or number of people, and the system updates the entire environment: adapting the rest of the program and stops, modifies the requests for warehouse and tracking, updates purchase needs, etc.


Some informacions about ALQU-GM (Materials management)

• Stocks of raw materials, finished, half-finished products and packing materials, with so many warehouses as necessary.
• Effective Downtimes to clients.
• Stock when receiving and sending orders.
• Value of the stock to receive orders.
• Inventories of finished products, raw materials, half-finished products and packing materials.

Manufacturing needs and manufacturing program
• Finished and half-finished products needs according of orders and the minimum stock (the half-finished products are automatic for any level, from the needs of finished products).
• Automatic Calculation of alternative programs: the fastest one, the one having smaller labour costs and the one employing less people.
• Manufacturing restrictions.
• Automatic processing of manufacturing program, including all stoppages planned (cleaning, products changes, etc.).
• Updating concatenated of the program with its surrounding. When you change any variable of the program (date, line, time, product, quantity) the rest of the program is automatically updated , the warehouse request and tracking change, purchase needs are updated, etc.
• Open Manufacturing Program, indicating restrictions and real saturation of the facilities, available and necessary people, effective productions, tracking of materials and materials to use.

Movements of materials with production
• Automatic requests for raw materials, half-finished products and packing materials to the warehouse, depending on manufacturing program.
• Production pending deliveries and returns.
• Other exits of raw materials and packing materials.
• Other exits of finished products.

Purchasing of materials and finished products
• Purchasing of row and packing materials (automatic the pendings, according with manufacturing program), by supplier, by order, by year, etc.
• Purchasing of finished products from others (copackers), automatic the pendings.
• Detailed breakdown of orders.
• General archive of copackers.
• Automatic search of copackers.

Movements of materials and finished products with the suppliers
• Movements of row and packing materials with the suppliers. Pendings, by supplier, by order, by year, etc.
• Movements of finished products with the suppliers. Pendings, by supplier, by order, by year, etc.

Quality assurance
• Liberation of raw and packing materials (pending to release, blocked, etc.).
• Liberation of finished products (pending to release, blocked, etc.).
• Two levels of Tracking finished products.

• Finished product Expeditions and returns (automatic and by system FIFO pendings). Partial deliveries. Valued or not valued invoices, etc.
• General archive of carriers.
• Automatic search of carriers.


When receiving an order, if the minimum stock of some product is surpassed, it includes in the manufacturing program the main product and also the half-finished ones (it is not necessary that we take care of the half-finished ones, the system detects its necessity and it proposes its manufacture to us).

If there is a lack of some raw materials or some packaging materials, it warns to us of its purchase, allowing us to do it just pressing a button.

We can see, under a graphical form, the exact terms of delivery for each material and their suppliers and, to allow us to better negotiate with the providers, it indicates the bands used in the prices range.

It guarantees the supply to production of released materials only.

At any moment we know where and how the finished products are, and the same for raw materials and packaging materials.

The ERP offers two levels of information referred to the tracking:
Introducing in the system a product and a countermark, it shows all the clients who have received that product, and the raw materials and the exact packaging materials whereupon it was made.
Once we know the raw material or the packaging material that have caused the problem, approaching upon the material we will be able to see what other products (or the same product with different referral) have been made with same and which clients have received those ones.

Expeditions are guaranteed under the FIFO system, and also expeditions can be partially made.

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