ALQU solution for Commercial management

With ALQU GC we can easily make the bids and the orders and follow all of them.

Bids just become orders by pressing a button, and all the System starts at the reception of  the orders:

  • Entries in Diary Sales and General.
  • Pending invoices.
  • Pending collections.
  • Inclusion in the manufacturing program if there is not sufficient product, adding the required Half-finished materials.
  • Request for the necessary purchases of raw and packing materials.
  • Request for delivery to production of everything needed to produce.
  • Warning of expedition.

Some informacions about ALQU-GC (Commercial management)

Sales forecasts
• Sales forecasts: by customer and month, totals, by range, by product. For the present year, four years previous and four years following.
• Comparing estimates with effectives.
• Total monthly, monthly by customer.
• Product prices, with automatic updating of tariffs based on real costs.

General archive of clients:
• Overview of the client, with access to your website and Email.
• Warehouses.
• Contact persons, with direct access to your Email.
• Accounting information: banks, bills, and payment terms, discount general, prompt payment discount, Rappel, tax exemption motive.
• Carriers.
• Sales commissions to salesmen.
• Comments for bids, orders and delivery notes.
• Automatic search of clients.

Bids and orders
• Preparation guided of bids.
• Fast Search of bids. Automatic conversion to order, with accounting preannotations, manufacturing request if there is no stock, and request for expedition.
• Preparation guided of orders, with accounting preannotations, manufacturing request if there is no stock, and request for expedition.
• Fast Search of orders.

Sales environment
• Sales commissions. Pendings and totals. By salesman, or global.
• Rappels to clients. Pendings and totals. By client, or global.
• Monthly Sales. Totals, by client, by product. Comparison with effective costs.
• Annual Sales by employee.
• Annual Sales by client.
• Annual Sales by product.

We can know the exact state of all orders and all their accounting information:

  • Products stocks.
  • Deliveries.
  • Maturity payment.
  • Rappels.
  • Sales commissions.

Before ordering it informs us of unpaid customer.

ALQU GC offers in addition information and graphs about:

  • Monthly Sales.
  • Sales by employee.
  • Sales by client.
  • Sales by product.
  • Sales commissions.
  • Rappels to clients.
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