ALQU Objectives

Fruit of one wide experience in the enterprise world, the ERP FOR THE INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES ALQU offers solutions that allow:

  • To facilitate the making of decisions and the company planning.
  • Time savings and to facilitate the function of people in charge of Production, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality Management, Technical Services, Commercial Force, Administration, ...
  • Cost savings in all the scopes of the company.
  • To improve the productive organization of the company and its surroundings.
  • To facilitate the allocation of objectives.
  • To improve the communication in the company.

the ERP FOR THE INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES ALQU offers global solutions, nimbles systems and easy to use, where each user see powered their work within the company and find the support and solutions he need.

ERP thought and executed specially for industrial companies: food, cosmetic, pharmacy, etc.

  • It allows to have on at all times with business information needed for making decisions with solid based documentary.
  • ERP ALQU does not need any starting up, from the first day it can be applied, reason why the final investment is practically reduced to a quarter of other ERP and the reimbursement is immediate.
  • The improvement obtained in all the operative processes, the increase of communication and the cost savings appear from the first moment.
  • No special skills are needed to work with the application. The system guides the user and it facilitates the work under a friendly, intuitive and effective form.


The system management ALQU includes the practical amount of the company areas.
It is not a closed system. It is possible to choose just the parts that the customer needs of five major modules:

  • Production management.
  • Materials management (Purchasing, Logistics, Supply chain, Programing, Tracking, Expeditions, etc.).
  • Technical services.
  • Commercial management.
  • Financial analysis.


ALQU Sistemas de GestiĆ³n de Empresas SL